Pope Francis Talks About Sex and Love: Says it’s a Gift from God, Warns Against Porn. Some Catholics Upset with Cardinal’s Book on Sexuality. Pope Also Approved Guidelines for Blessing Same-Sex Couples. Source: BBC”

In this news, Pope Francis spoke about sex, saying it’s a special gift from God but should be approached with patience. He cautioned against the harmful effects of pornography, which he believes can lead to addiction and shallow relationships.

The Pope’s comments were part of a series on vices and virtues, specifically addressing what he called “the demon of lust.”

The news also mentions criticism faced by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández, the head of doctrine, for a book he wrote in the 1990s discussing human sexuality.

Some conservatives find the book inappropriate and question his fitness for the role. However, it’s clarified that the Pope’s recent sermon on lust is unrelated to this criticism.

The report also touches on Cardinal Fernández’s previous controversial move, where he introduced guidelines, approved by Pope Francis, allowing priests to bless same-sex couples. This decision faced strong opposition from conservative quarters within the Catholic community, with Cardinal Müller denouncing it as sacrilegious. The tension escalated when the Pope evicted a vocal critic, US Cardinal Raymond Burke, from his Vatican apartment.

Source: BBC


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