Arnold Schwarzenegger got held up at a German airport because he didn’t declare a fancy watch he planned to auction for charity.

This caused a three-hour delay and an investigation into potential tax evasion within the EU. EU rules say you need to declare valuable items over €10,000, but sources claim Schwarzenegger wasn’t asked to fill out the form.

To settle the tax, he faced a series of issues, including a malfunctioning card machine and closed banks. Despite the troubles, the actor eventually paid the tax.

The whole incident, described as a “total comedy full of errors,” might just make for a funny police film, according to Schwarzenegger’s spokesman.

The watch, a custom piece by luxury brand Audemars Piguet, was intended for auction at a charity event in Austria.

The actor handled the situation with calm, as seen in a photo published by Bild, where he’s smiling with the watch box, marked “For Austria.”

The incident adds a unique twist to Schwarzenegger’s eventful life, making headlines around the globe. This news is credited to the BBC as the source of information.

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