Oncologist’s Breakfast: A Cancer-Fighting Meal That’s Easy and Delicious

Dr. Michelina Cairo, an oncologist, shares her go-to breakfast choice for lowering cancer risk and staying healthy.

She opts for oatmeal, which is not only filling but also packed with fiber and essential nutrients. Unlike sugary instant varieties, Dr. Cairo chooses rolled oats, which are free from added sugars and processed ingredients.

Aside from its health benefits, oatmeal offers convenience, making it perfect for busy mornings. Dr. Cairo prepares hers with water and spices, adding fresh fruit for extra flavor and nutrients.

She also enjoys the versatility of oatmeal, experimenting with different toppings like peanut butter, fruits, or honey.

For those who prefer variety, Dr. Cairo suggests eggs as another nutritious option. Whether scrambled, poached, or served with avocado on toast, eggs provide a high-protein start to the day.

Dr. Cairo emphasizes the importance of limiting processed foods and sugar in breakfast choices. These foods have been linked to higher cancer risk, so opting for whole foods with fiber is key.

Additionally, planning meals ahead of time can help with portion control and overall diet quality.

By making simple yet healthy choices like oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, individuals can take proactive steps towards reducing their cancer risk while enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.


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