On January 2nd, a Ukrainian weapons inspector named Krystyna Kimachuk discovered a missile that looked different from what they usually find.

It had crashed into a building in Kharkiv. She investigated it and found evidence that it was from North Korea, not Russia as initially suspected.

Further analysis revealed something astonishing: the missile contained parts from the US and Europe, indicating that North Korea had obtained these parts illegally and assembled the missile in a short amount of time.

Since then, dozens of North Korean missiles have been used by Russia in attacks on Ukraine, causing casualties and destruction.

This situation shows that despite sanctions, North Korea is still able to acquire technology and manufacture weapons, which is concerning for global security.

Experts warn that North Korea’s involvement in the conflict could have far-reaching consequences.

They could use this opportunity to improve their weapons and sell them to other countries, potentially escalating tensions in regions like the Middle East.

While efforts are being made to cut off North Korea’s supply chains, some experts doubt that it will completely stop them from producing weapons.

In summary, the situation highlights the challenges of controlling the proliferation of weapons and the complex dynamics of global conflicts.

Source: Adapted from BBC News.


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