Amit Shah, often dubbed as India’s “second most powerful man,” has played a crucial role in Narendra Modi’s political journey.

Despite staying away from the limelight, Shah is known as Modi’s closest ally and the mastermind behind BJP’s electoral victories.

He’s seen as a polarizing figure, hailed by supporters for defending Hindu faith but criticized for controversial policies like scrapping Kashmir’s autonomy.

Shah’s rise from humble beginnings in Gujarat to orchestrating electoral triumphs is remarkable.

His association with Modi dates back to their RSS days, with Shah being described as the “private force” behind Modi’s public persona.

However, his political journey hasn’t been without challenges, including facing allegations of corruption involving his son.

Despite speculation about his prime ministerial ambitions, Shah’s loyalty to Modi remains unwavering. This insight into Shah’s political journey sheds light on the dynamics shaping Indian politics.

(Adapted from BBC)

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