Israel-Gaza Conflict: Heavy Toll on Both Sides as Fighting Intensifies

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledges a high cost for Israel, with over a dozen soldiers killed recently. The ground assault has claimed a total of 154 lives. Despite a challenging day, Netanyahu insists there’s no choice but to keep fighting.

Gaza reports 70 deaths in a Sunday strike, adding to a total of over 20,000 killed and 54,000 injured since October 7. Netanyahu recognizes the difficulty, stating, “This will be a long war.” Israel aims to eliminate Hamas and secure the return of hostages held in Gaza.

US President Biden emphasizes protecting civilian lives in a call with Netanyahu, refraining from calling for a ceasefire. The UN Security Council approves aid delivery to Gaza but stops short of a ceasefire demand. Talks in Egypt for a truce haven’t yielded results.

The Israeli military continues its campaign, ordering evacuations affecting 150,000 people. Israel reports arresting 700 militants and killing a weapons smuggler for Hamas. The military claims operational control in the north of Gaza and is expanding operations.

Netanyahu denies US influence against expanding operations and expresses concerns about the situation in the north. Israel is preparing to deter threats from the northern border.

Source: BBC

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