Beijing Faces Coldest December Since 1951: Chilly Weather Breaks Records

In Beijing, China, this December has been the coldest in over 70 years. Temperatures often dropped below -10C, causing challenges across the city. Just six months ago, Beijing experienced its hottest June day ever, reaching over 40C.

China is grappling with severe cold waves this winter, with more than 300 hours of freezing temperatures recorded in under two weeks. The freezing conditions have affected schools, transportation, and energy supplies in various provinces.

Some heating boilers in Henan province reportedly broke down due to the persistent cold. Meanwhile, northern Japan has seen unusually heavy snowfall, and South Korea faced extreme temperature swings.

Experts suggest that a weakened Polar Vortex, typically found around the Arctic, may be causing the extended cold spell, allowing frigid air to move farther south than usual.

While there’s ongoing debate among scientists about the role of climate change in these extreme weather patterns, the impact on daily life is evident. The BBC is the source of this information.

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