Myanmar’s military regime, which took control of the country three years ago, has faced another significant defeat, this time along the eastern border with Thailand.

After enduring weeks of attacks by ethnic Karen insurgents and other anti-coup forces, hundreds of troops stationed in the crucial border town of Myawaddy have agreed to surrender.

This loss marks a serious setback for the military junta, which has also faced defeats in other regions of the country.

The Karen National Union, fighting for self-rule since Myanmar’s independence, played a pivotal role in these recent developments.

The junta’s attempts to regain control have been met with resistance, including from volunteer fighters who have joined insurgent groups.

The balance of power in Karen State has shifted in favor of the opposition, with the military facing challenges in reinforcing its positions.

As the conflict intensifies, thousands of civilians have been displaced, seeking refuge near the Thai border.

The situation highlights the ongoing struggle between Myanmar’s military regime and various ethnic insurgent groups, further complicating the country’s political landscape.

Credit : BBC

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