25 years ago, Kate Russo saw her first total solar eclipse while living in Northern Ireland. Since then, she’s been hooked, traveling the globe to witness these awe-inspiring events.

Now, along with other eclipse enthusiasts, she’s in North America for her 14th eclipse. For Russo and many others, the experience goes beyond science – it’s about feeling connected to something greater.

The upcoming eclipse in Uvalde, Texas, is expected to draw over a million people. David Makepeace, a veteran eclipse chaser, describes the experience as existential, prompting profound questions about the beauty of our solar system.

For Paul Maley, chasing eclipses is addictive – once you see one, you want more. With experts estimating more than a million spectators for the 2024 event, it’s clear that the allure of a solar eclipse is irresistible.

Patrick Poitevin, another seasoned chaser, emphasizes the importance of soaking in the moment without distractions like cameras.

As these enthusiasts prepare for the upcoming eclipse, they encourage newcomers to simply enjoy the spectacle unfolding overhead.

Credit : BBC


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