Mitch McConnell, a powerful figure in American politics from Kentucky, said he’ll step down as the top Republican leader in the Senate in November.

He’s been in this role for nearly 20 years and feels it’s time to move on, mentioning his age and family in his decision.

McConnell stressed the importance of America’s global leadership despite changes in his party influenced by Donald Trump’s ideas.

While Trump’s approach moved Republicans to the right and challenged traditional views on alliances and trade, McConnell didn’t directly blame this shift or Trump for his decision.

Health concerns have also been a factor, with McConnell facing issues like freezing during speeches and suffering a concussion.

Despite stepping down from his leadership role, McConnell plans to serve out his term in the Senate.

This shows a significant shift in Republican leadership dynamics, with McConnell’s departure marking the end of an era.

Adapted from BBC News.

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