Glynn Simmons, freed after 48 years for a crime he didn’t commit, finds joy in simple things.

After being wrongly convicted in 1975, he now cherishes the freedom to enjoy the night sky and the changing seasons.

Despite battling Stage 4 cancer, he remains hopeful, emphasizing the importance of innocence in keeping faith. Glynn’s release came after evidence was withheld, leading to a conscious injustice.

As a black man in the 1970s, he faced racial pressures. Now free, Glynn aims to reform the criminal justice system and shares his story.

While grateful, bitterness lingers over lost years and lack of apology from Oklahoma. He plans to use his newfound freedom to travel, attend NBA games, and advocate for criminal justice reform.

Despite decades of anger, Glynn focuses on regulating emotions and moving forward, acknowledging that what’s done can’t be undone.

BBC as the source.

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