Fraud and Violence Disqualify Ministers and Governors in DR Congo Election

In a recent development, three ministers and four governors have been disqualified from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s election held last month due to fraud and violence.

A total of 82 candidates, including the disqualified officials, have been excluded from various elections by the electoral body.

Notably, the announcement did not address the presidential election, where President Félix Tshisekedi secured a landslide victory. However, the opposition alleges the entire election was a “sham” and demands a rerun.

The electoral commission’s statement highlighted fraud, corruption, violence against election workers and voters, and equipment vandalism as reasons for disqualification.

Among those barred are ministers such as Antoinette Kipulu Kabenga and Didier Mazenga Mukanzu, along with provincial governors, including Gentiny Ngobila.

The opposition questions why only legislative elections were deemed corrupted.

Supporters of the disqualified governor Ngobila have taken to the streets, terming the disqualification as politically motivated. While the ministers and President Tshisekedi’s party have not commented, the party has distanced itself from the banned members.

All votes cast for the 82 disqualified candidates have been annulled, but results for their contested elections are yet to be declared.

The electoral commission also announced the cancellation of elections in two constituencies and the inability to vote in certain areas due to armed groups.

Despite logistical challenges in the December 20 election, election chief Denis Kadima asserts that the presidential result reflects the will of the Congolese people.

President Tshisekedi, if confirmed by the Constitutional Court, will be sworn in for a second term on January 20, securing 73% of the vote.

This news is reported based on information from the BBC.

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