Most people buying cheap houses in Italy are attracted by the low cost and the chance to move to a warmer place with better food. But for Bingwa Thomas, 72, from Kansas City, it was about more than just the price.

He hoped moving to Latronico, a town in southern Italy, would help him live longer. Life expectancy in Italy is higher than in the U.S., especially for a Black male like Thomas.

Thomas, who lives in Los Angeles, bought a 110-square-meter home in Latronico for about $8,662. He was drawn to Italy because of its healthier lifestyle and slower pace of life.

Thomas also liked that Latronico is close to Africa, where he works on humanitarian projects. He plans to create an arts center in his new home to help the community.

The cheap house prices in Latronico allowed Thomas to buy property without spending too much, leaving him with more money for his projects in Africa.

He has been traveling to Italy every few months since buying the home and plans to move there permanently in September. He also bought a second property nearby to create an arts complex for visiting artists.

Thomas’s move to Italy is part of a trend where people, including artists and social activists, are buying cheap homes in Italy to improve their quality of life and contribute to the local community.

Despite some challenges like isolation and limited infrastructure, Thomas is excited about his new life in Latronico and hopes it will help him live longer.

Credit: CNN .

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