Australian Mom Wrongly Jailed for 20 Years Finally Cleared of Children’s Deaths.

After spending two decades in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, an Australian mother, Kathleen Folbigg, has been officially cleared of the charges related to the deaths of her four children.

New evidence, including a previously unknown genetic mutation in two of her daughters, raised ‘reasonable doubt’ about her guilt.

The legal battle for her freedom took an emotional toll, but Folbigg expressed gratitude for the support that led to her exoneration.

Folbigg’s case highlights the need for legal reform, with her lawyers now seeking ‘substantial’ compensation.

The push for an independent body to review cases, preventing future miscarriages of justice, is gaining momentum.

As we celebrate Kathleen Folbigg’s long-awaited freedom, let’s also reflect on the importance of continually improving our legal system to ensure fairness and prevent similar injustices in the future. (Source: CNN)

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