Exploring the dynamics between the U.S., Indonesia, and China, President Biden and Indonesia’s leader, Joko Widodo, laid the groundwork for Biden’s upcoming meeting with China’s Xi Jinping. The talks covered cybersecurity, space, and climate collaboration, with a potential nickel partnership for electric vehicle batteries. Despite concerns about environmental standards, both nations are gearing up for negotiations.

In a significant move, the U.S. and Indonesia elevated diplomatic ties to their highest level. The leaders also addressed the Gaza conflict, where Jokowi urged Biden to intervene for a ceasefire, echoing concerns from Indonesia’s predominantly Muslim population.

Biden is set to unveil a sustainable energy and mineral development agreement with Indonesia. The leaders are also discussing Myanmar’s situation post-coup, contemplating their next steps. As Jokowi faces term limits, Indonesia is delicately navigating its economic ties with China amid U.S.-China tensions in Southeast Asia.

[Original news source: France 24]


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