Explosive Leaks Expose Abramovich’s Secret $40m Deal Tied to Putin’s ‘Wallets’!

“Big news! 🚨 Leaked papers spill the beans on a secret money deal between Roman Abramovich, the ex-boss of Chelsea FC, and two guys close to Russian President Putin, nicknamed his ‘wallets.’ 💼💸 The papers show a sneaky $40m transfer in 2010, moving shares of a fancy Russian ad company, Video International.

Here’s the scoop: Abramovich sold these shares for less than they were really worth! 🤯 The lucky recipients, Sergei Roldugin and Alexander Plekhov, are Putin’s pals and pocketed millions in dividends. 🤑

This jaw-dropping discovery comes from an investigation into Cyprus records – a maze of complicated money stuff hiding Abramovich’s role. It hints at a tight money connection between Abramovich and Putin.

Props to BBC for bringing us this mind-blowing info! 🙌 Check out the full story on their site. What do you think about this wild money trail? Share your thoughts! 🗣️💭 #Abramovich #Putin #MoneyTrail”


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