Indian Men Targeted in Unique Scam Offering High-Paying ‘Pregnant Job’: BBC Uncovers Deceptive Scheme

In a peculiar cyber scam, Indian men are falling prey to a fraudulent “All India Pregnant Job Service.” The elaborate con promises significant earnings in exchange for impregnating a woman.

One victim, Mangesh Kumar, a 33-year-old earning $180 per month, has already lost $215 to scammers, who are demanding more.

The scam, operating for a year, has duped hundreds, according to Deputy Superintendent Kalyan Anand. While eight culprits have been arrested, 18 remain elusive.

Victims, ashamed or afraid, hesitate to come forward. Mangesh shared his experience of losing a month’s salary, revealing how scammers coerced him into paying for fake documents and taxes.

The scammers, some educated and tech-savvy, exploit the trust of less-educated victims across India. Mangesh, believing the scam due to fake identity cards and a misleading WhatsApp display photo, underscores the need for online awareness.

Cyber law expert Pavan Duggal warns of the rising cyber crime era, urging the government and private sector collaboration for effective awareness.

Meanwhile, Mangesh, still in contact with scammers, pleads for his lost money, emphasizing the need for justice against those who deceived him.

Source : BBC

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