Ecuador Declares Emergency as Notorious Gang Leader ‘Fito’ Escapes High-Security Prison.

Ecuador has entered a 60-day state of emergency following the disappearance of Adolfo Macías Villamar, widely known as ‘Fito,’ the leader of the powerful gang Los Choneros.

‘Fito’ was held in a maximum-security prison in Guayaquil and is suspected of involvement in recent deadly prison riots.

President Daniel Noboa announced emergency measures, including a curfew and suspension of the right to assemble, aiming to regain control of national prisons dominated by Los Choneros.

The president emphasized a firm stance against negotiating with ‘narco-terrorist groups’ and vowed to restore peace.

‘Fito,’ known for defying authorities, recently released a music video glorifying his criminal exploits from inside the jail, suggesting a breach of the ban on electronic devices.

His escape remains unclear, with authorities searching the prison compound. The notorious gang leader has a history of evading custody, having previously broken out in 2013 and recaptured later.

Los Choneros, primarily involved in drug trafficking and extortion, has links with Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. The situation adds to the challenges faced by President Noboa, who assumed office amid heightened violence, including the assassination of a fellow candidate.

The escape raises concerns about the effectiveness of Ecuador’s prison security, prompting a national response to address the escalating crisis.

(Credit: BBC as a source)

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