Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, have been sent to jail for 14 years because they were found guilty of making illegal money from gifts given by the state. This comes just before a big election where Imran Khan cannot participate.

This isn’t the first time Khan has been in trouble; he’s already serving time for corruption. He says all these accusations are because of politics.

The court also fined them a lot of money. Imran Khan’s party says he won’t be able to do any political work for the next 10 years. His lawyers are planning to appeal in the High Court.

Imran Khan, a former cricket star and prime minister, has been in jail since last August. His wife, Bushra Bibi, joined him in jail recently. They got married in 2018, just before Khan became prime minister. They both denied taking advantage of state gifts. The court case went on without them present.

People are questioning the fairness of these trials. Some say they were rushed and unfair. The timing of these sentences is suspicious because it might stop Imran Khan from participating in the upcoming election.

Some think it’s an attempt to discourage his supporters. Khan has asked his followers to vote for justice peacefully.

Before all this, there were doubts about the fairness of the upcoming election because Imran Khan and his party have faced a lot of problems.

Many of his party members are in jail or have left. The favorite to win now is Nawaz Sharif, who used to be prime minister and was jailed before the last election.

Many believe the military prefers him now. It’s a big change because Khan used to have good relations with the military, but now they seem to have turned against him.

(Based on information from BBC)

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