Hunter Biden, son of the US President, was convicted of illegally possessing a gun and lying about his drug use.

This makes him the first child of a sitting US president to be convicted of a federal crime, potentially facing prison time.

Despite plans last summer to settle his legal troubles without jail, the deal fell through, leading to these charges.

Additionally, he faces tax charges in a separate trial set for September, accused of not paying $1.4 million in federal taxes from 2016-2019.

Republicans in Congress have investigated Hunter’s activities, seeking to impeach President Biden, but haven’t found concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

Hunter’s personal issues, including struggles with addiction and relationships, have been widely publicized.

Hunter Biden’s life has been marked by tragedy, including the loss of his mother and sister in a car accident when he was two.

He has battled addiction, leading to multiple stints in rehab, and his tumultuous personal life has made headlines.

His business dealings, particularly in China and Ukraine, have also sparked controversy, with allegations of corruption influencing political moves.

Despite these challenges, President Biden continues to support his son, although Hunter might not receive a presidential pardon if convicted again.

This saga, reported by the BBC, adds a complex layer to the Biden family’s public life amidst the President’s re-election campaign.

Credit : BBC

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