US President Joe Biden apologized to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for delays in military aid and promised $225 million in support.

They met in Paris after attending D-Day events in Normandy. The new aid will include ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles.

Biden blamed the delays on some Republicans in Congress but assured continued US support for Ukraine against Russia. Zelensky emphasized the importance of US support in their fight.

Biden later spoke in Normandy, urging America to stand against Putin’s aggression, honoring the sacrifice of D-Day soldiers.

Zelensky also addressed the French parliament, highlighting the war’s impact on Europe.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to send fighter jets and train Ukrainian pilots. The Kremlin criticized Macron’s involvement.

These developments follow Putin’s warning about arming countries to target the West in response to Western aid to Ukraine.

(Source: BBC)

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