Anticipation is high as millions eagerly await Monday’s total solar eclipse, hoping for clear skies across various regions.

While some areas like northern Mexico, Texas, and parts of the Great Lakes might experience cloudy conditions, better weather is forecasted in western Mexico, parts of the US Midwest, and even New England and Canada.

The eclipse, the first to traverse the continent since 2017, is expected to attract millions of spectators along its path, with some regions experiencing nearly four-and-a-half minutes of darkness during totality.

Special events and gatherings are planned across towns and cities, including weddings under the eclipse skies and festivals at iconic venues like the Cotton Bowl stadium.

However, caution is urged as viewing the eclipse requires special glasses to avoid eye damage.

Scientists are also gearing up to conduct various experiments and observations during the celestial event.

As excitement builds up, authorities are advising travelers to stay safe and mindful of potential severe weather conditions.

(Source: BBC)

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