Ghana’s finance ministry has advised the president not to approve a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill passed by parliament.

They warn that Ghana might lose around $3.8 billion in World Bank funding over the next few years if the bill becomes law.

The bill includes harsh penalties like jail time for being LGBTQ+ or promoting LGBTQ+ rights. Ghana is already facing economic challenges, and losing this funding could make things worse.

The finance ministry’s warning was leaked to the media, including the BBC. They suggest that the president wait for the Supreme Court to decide if the bill follows the constitution before signing it.

The president has a week to decide on the bill, and if he doesn’t approve it, he has to explain why within two weeks.

The bill hasn’t reached the president yet, but he’s reportedly discussing its impact with ministries and donors. The US, UK, and human rights groups have criticized the bill, which has support from both major political parties in Ghana.

Last year, the World Bank stopped giving new loans to Uganda over similar anti-LGBTQ+ laws. This year, Ghana could lose about $850 million in support, which would hurt its struggling economy and currency value.

(Based on BBC reporting)

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