Experts Say: Running Your Thermostat Fan Could Help Fight COVID Variants Indoors

In 2024, a COVID variant called JN.1 is spreading, but here’s a simple tip to stay safer. The CDC shares that JN.1 is common, but not more severe. While outdoor gatherings are best, the cold weather makes it tough.

The new advice? Instead of ‘auto,’ set your thermostat to ‘on.’ Dr. Khabbaza explains that running the fan keeps air moving, helping to reduce virus particles. Indoor air quality expert Abate adds that the HVAC filter can catch contaminants when the fan is on. Make sure to replace filters for the best results, says Dr. Yancey.

Remember, it’s one tool, not a cure-all. Dr. Nachman suggests handwashing, staying home when sick, vaccinations, mask-wearing, and self-care. Every little bit helps in the fight against COVID.

Credit: Parade

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