Ex-Con Helps Kenyans Give Up Guns Amid Rising Crime

As violent crime increases in Kenya, former criminal King Kafu helps people turn in illegal guns to the police. Samuel, an ex-criminal with an AK47, wants to give up his gun to protect his family.

Despite contacting Kafu for help, Samuel gets scared and doesn’t show up. Kafu, now a radio host, uses his platform to encourage young people to abandon crime and surrender their weapons, promising them amnesty.

However, fear of police brutality makes many hesitant. Trusting the wrong person can be deadly, as one man found when his friend was killed after trying to surrender guns.

Kafu works hard to reassure and protect those willing to give up their firearms. He urges the government to support these individuals instead of punishing them.

This effort is a small step in curbing gun violence, but Kafu believes it’s crucial. He aims to foster trust and cooperation between former criminals and authorities to make Kenya safer.

Credit to BBC for the original story.


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