Extreme Bodybuilding May Trigger Early Perimenopause, Says Scottish Champion

Adele Johnston, a former bodybuilding champion from Scotland, experienced alarming symptoms like hair loss, bleeding gums, and heart palpitations in her early 30s, leading to a diagnosis of early perimenopause.

Her rigorous fitness routines and strict diets likely contributed to this condition. While the average age for perimenopause onset is 46, Adele’s experience highlights the potential risks of extreme physical training at a younger age.

Dr. Heather Currie, a gynecologist, suggests that extreme activities like bodybuilding can disrupt menstrual cycles, possibly leading to perimenopausal symptoms.

Adele’s journey underscores the importance of moderation in fitness pursuits and raises questions about the long-term effects of intense training on women’s hormonal health.

Adele, now a menopause coach, emphasizes the need for greater awareness of the health implications behind the glitzy facade of bodybuilding.

This article discusses how extreme bodybuilding may have contributed to Adele Johnston’s early onset of perimenopause, a stage preceding menopause.

It outlines Adele’s symptoms and experiences, attributing them to her intense fitness regime. Adele’s story prompts reflection on the potential health risks associated with extreme physical training, especially at a young age, and highlights the importance of moderation in fitness activities.

The perspectives of medical experts and industry professionals provide additional context and insight into the topic. Overall, the article aims to raise awareness about the potential impact of intense physical training on women’s hormonal health and encourage a balanced approach to fitness.

(Credit: BBC)


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