Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Surprises Nation with New Year Abdication Announcement on Live TV”

“In a televised New Year address, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has unexpectedly revealed her decision to step down after 52 years on the throne.

The 83-year-old monarch will formally abdicate on January 14, passing the throne to her son, Crown Prince Frederik.

The announcement follows a period of reflection after back surgery in 2023. Unlike British tradition, there will be no formal crowning for Prince Frederik, who will become the new King of Denmark.

The Danish royal transition, described as a mix of celebration and sadness, marks the end of an era for the world’s only reigning queen.

The Danish royal family has been in the spotlight recently for slimming down its number of royals, leading to public disagreements over titles.

This unexpected development comes as a surprise to many Danes, who had anticipated Queen Margrethe to remain on the throne until her death.

The transition also highlights the end of an era for a monarch known for her unique habits, including a disdain for mobile phones and a passion for the arts and archaeology.

[Source: BBC]


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