Stay Healthy This Winter: Top Expert Urges Vaccination Amid Rising COVID, Flu, and RSV Cases

As winter hits, diseases are spreading fast, especially COVID, flu, and RSV. Some states, like Louisiana and South Carolina, are seeing a surge. Dr. William A. Haseltine, an infectious disease expert, explains that being indoors and low vaccination rates in certain regions are causing the spike.

To stay healthy, know where cases are high and get vaccinated. COVID vaccines are still crucial, and booster shots are needed every season. Flu shots reduce the risk by 40-60%, and it’s okay to get both flu and COVID vaccines together. Pregnant women and those 60 and older should get RSV vaccines.

Dr. Haseltine emphasizes basics: avoid crowds, especially indoors. Wear a mask in crowded places. COVID is still around, and low booster uptake raises infection rates. Vaccines are proven to reduce illness and protect everyone. Remember, staying healthy is in your hands!

(Source: Parade)

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