A social media post about an Indian actress dying from cervical cancer, then revealing it was fake, sparked a big argument about right and wrong on the internet.

Poonam Pandey, the actress, said she faked her death to talk about cervical cancer, a disease that affects many women in India. She wanted people to pay attention to it.

But some people didn’t like the way she did it. They thought it was disrespectful to those who really suffer from cancer. They also criticized the media for reporting her fake death without checking if it was true.

The company behind the social media campaign said sorry to anyone who was upset. They explained they just wanted to make people aware of cervical cancer.

This event has made people think: Is it okay to do something shocking to get attention, even if it might hurt some people’s feelings? And who decides what’s okay and what’s not in the world of advertising and social media?

Source : BBC


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