Queen Camilla Hosts Heartwarming Tea at Windsor Castle for Brave Seven-Year-Old Battling Blindness from Brain Tumor

A little girl, Olivia Taylor, who has faced a lifetime of chemotherapy due to a brain tumor that left her blind, had a special tea at Windsor Castle with Queen Camilla. Olivia, known for her courage, was invited after her choir performance at Buckingham Palace.

Despite her blindness, she enthusiastically greeted the Queen and even sang during the tea. The Queen, impressed by Olivia’s bravery, hugged her and her sister Imogen, promising to stay updated on Olivia’s progress.

The family, from Sidcup, shared a touching moment with the Queen in the White Drawing Room. Olivia, who wore a replica of Queen Mary’s crown, expressed her joy at meeting the Queen, making it a truly special afternoon.

The Taylor family, grateful for this unforgettable experience, acknowledged the BBC as the source of this heartwarming news.


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