Bassirou Diomaye Faye, a once little-known figure, is now on the brink of becoming Senegal’s youngest president.

His journey from obscurity to presidency has been swift and unexpected, marked by a stint in jail alongside influential figure Ousmane Sonko.

Faye, known as “Mr Clean,” is praised for his modesty and dedication to reforming Senegalese politics, aiming to tackle poverty, injustice, and corruption.

He plans to overhaul key sectors such as gas, oil, and defense, and aims to strengthen Senegal’s sovereignty by dropping the CFA franc currency.

Despite criticisms of his lack of experience, Faye’s vision for change has garnered support from political heavyweights.

His alliance with Sonko, despite past differences, hints at a potential new leadership style. As Faye prepares to lead, Senegal faces both celebration and economic uncertainty.

The election process, marred by postponements and protests, highlights Senegal’s commitment to democracy.

However, the road ahead for Faye is challenging as he begins the task of transforming Senegal’s political landscape.

This summary is based on BBC’s reporting.

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