Avon Faces Backlash for Operating in Russia Amid Ukraine Conflict

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Avon, the well-known beauty company, is under scrutiny for maintaining business ties with Russia. The BBC reports that Avon is still recruiting sales agents and operating a large production plant in Moscow. The company, headquartered in the UK, has been doing business in Russia for 30 years.

Avon has stated that it’s providing crucial support to women who rely on their business for livelihood. However, critics argue that continuing operations in Russia means supporting Putin’s regime. Some researchers suggest that Avon should exit the Russian market, while others call for actions like banning Avon from operating in Ukraine.

Avon’s history in Russia dates back to the early 1990s, and it has seen significant success there. Despite pledges to consider relocating production from Russia to Poland, some products are still being made in Russia.

Natura & Co, Avon’s parent company, has reported a decline in Avon International’s sales, partly attributed to the Ukraine conflict. Avon’s recent decision to open physical stores in the UK contrasts with its controversies over its Russian operations.

Founded in the US in 1886, Avon’s acquisition by Natura & Co in 2020 marked a significant move in the cosmetics industry. However, recent financial challenges have led to the sale of other brands under Natura & Co’s portfolio.

Source : BBC


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