Amazon, now in its 30th year, is a colossal company that’s hard to grasp in size and scope. Imagine its massive warehouse in Dartford, London, processing hundreds of thousands of orders daily, shipped within two hours.

Globally, Amazon operates 175 such “fulfilment centres,” but its reach goes far beyond logistics. It’s a leader in streaming (Amazon Prime Video), smart devices (Ring, Alexa), and web services (Amazon Web Services).

Despite criticism on work conditions and tax payments, Amazon’s evolution seems unstoppable, posing the question: what’s next for “The Everything Company”?

Analysts speculate on integrating data across sectors or exploring new ventures despite occasional failures like their recent short-lived robot business.

Regulatory scrutiny and logistical challenges in Western cities may reshape Amazon’s future, while competition from Chinese brands like Temu and Shein keeps the pressure on.

The key, experts suggest, lies in innovation, possibly in emerging fields like AI, to sustain Amazon’s dominance in global commerce.

Credit : BBC

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