Zuckerberg from Meta, you know, the Facebook guy, isn’t happy with Apple’s fancy new headset. He made a video saying his company’s headset, called Quest 3, is better than Apple’s, called Vision Pro.

The reason? Well, both headsets have this cool feature called “passthrough” that lets you see through them while wearing them. But Zuckerberg thinks his company’s version is way better.

He says the Quest 3 is cheaper and more comfortable to wear. Plus, it doesn’t have annoying wires getting in the way. He even says the Quest 3 gives you a better view and has a brighter screen.

But, to be fair, Zuckerberg admits that Apple’s headset has some good things too, like a higher resolution screen and cool eye-tracking technology.

At the end of the video, he talks about how some people are super loyal to Apple, almost like they’re fans. He thinks that’s not always a good thing, and he wants Meta, his company, to be the leader in this new type of technology.

So, basically, Zuckerberg is saying, “Hey, Apple’s headset is nice, but ours is better, and we want to be the top dogs in this game.

This info comes from a report by BBC.


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