Tech CEOs, including Mark Zuckerberg, apologized to families during a Senate hearing about social media’s impact on kids.

They faced tough questions from senators about protecting children online. While some CEOs cooperated voluntarily, others were subpoenaed.

Families shared heartbreaking stories of harm caused by social media.

At the heart of the hearing was the debate over new laws to hold these companies accountable for what’s posted on their platforms. But progress is slow, and there’s still no clear plan for regulation. Despite promises to improve safety measures, concerns remain about how effective they’ll be.

After the hearing, parents rallied for urgent action from lawmakers. They’re pushing for laws like the Kids Online Safety Act to prevent more tragedies. But some say companies like Meta aren’t doing enough to keep teens safe.

Meta claims it’s introduced “over 30 tools” for teen safety online, but critics argue they’re still not doing everything necessary.

Source : BBC

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