On a scorching 40C day, young resistance fighters in Myanmar’s Karenni state, led by defected army captain Nay Myo Zin, use loudspeakers to urge soldiers in a Myanmar army base to surrender. Despite initial responses, the military fires back, refusing to switch sides.

This decades-old conflict has escalated, with the resistance now controlling a significant portion of the country. The military, having seized power in 2021, faces unprecedented opposition, resulting in massive casualties and displacement. Press freedom is virtually non-existent, making it hard to report on the resistance’s perspective.

The resistance, largely composed of youths under 25, includes former professionals who abandoned their careers to join the fight against military rule. Despite shortages in weapons and ammunition, their morale remains high.

Traveling through Myanmar, we witnessed fierce battles, significant resistance gains, and the brutal realities of war.

The KNDF and other insurgent groups are determined to overthrow the military junta, despite the immense challenges they face. The future of Myanmar hangs in the balance as this generational war unfolds.

Credit: BBC News.


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