Xi Jinping’s fight against corruption in China keeps going, even targeting top bankers and military leaders. Some say it’s like he’s acting as a modern-day version of Stalin, getting rid of anyone who might challenge his power.

But others think he’s right to be worried about corruption, which is a real problem in China.

In the past, Chinese leaders tried different approaches to tackle corruption, but now Xi Jinping is focusing on loyalty to the Communist Party above all else.

This means if you’re a member of the Party and you’re suspected of corruption, you could just disappear without any chance to defend yourself.

While this crackdown might seem like a good thing, some experts worry it’s actually making things worse. It’s making officials scared to take risks or innovate, which could slow down China’s economic growth.

And even though many corrupt officials have been caught, there’s no sign that corruption is actually decreasing.

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign has been going on for over a decade, but instead of making people trust the government more, it might be making them more cynical.

After all, if the government has been fighting corruption for so long and there’s still so much of it, people might wonder if anything is really changing.

This information comes from the BBC.


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