Exclusive Insights: Will Smith Addresses False Rumors with Jada Pinkett Smith’s Support Amidst Legal Action”

In a recent turn of events, former assistant Brother Bilaal claimed he witnessed Will Smith in a compromising situation with ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ co-star Duane Martin. However, Will’s spokesperson promptly denied the allegations, stating they are entirely false. Bilaal shared these details on a podcast, prompting a strong response from Jada Pinkett Smith, who called the rumors “ridiculous” and hinted at potential legal action, accusing Bilaal of attempting a money shakedown.

Jada Pinkett Smith emphasized in a preview of an upcoming interview that they are serious about taking legal action to address what they perceive as baseless and harmful accusations. The couple, despite living separately for seven years, continues to stand together, remaining legally married with no plans for divorce. Jada even addressed additional rumors and infidelity accusations in her newly published memoir, “Worthy.”

As we share this unique perspective on the news, we credit Parade as the original source. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding story.


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