Water company executives might not get their bonuses if their company harms the environment, like letting sewage spills mess up a beach or river.

The Environment Secretary, Stephen Barclay, says it’s time for these bosses to take responsibility. He thinks tougher rules are needed because some companies haven’t been doing a good job.

The government is thinking about stopping bonuses for bosses if their company does something really bad, like breaking the law or messing up a special natural area.

This would affect bonuses from April 2024 onwards for water companies in England and Wales.

People have been worried about sewage in rivers and the sea. Last year, some water company bosses got bonuses, but others didn’t because of pressure from campaigners.

The government wants to make sure water companies do better. They’ve given the regulator, Ofwat, more power to punish companies that don’t treat customers well.

Water companies say they’re doing a lot to help customers, like giving money to households who struggle to pay their bills.

This news comes from the BBC.


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