Triplets Born in War: Ukrainian Couple’s Journey from Joy to Tragedy

Hanna and Andriy Berezynets were overjoyed about expecting triplets, but their happiness turned to fear as war erupted on the day of the babies’ arrival. Born amidst Russian shelling, the girls faced a tumultuous start.

Initially expecting one baby, the couple learned they were having twins and later triplets. Despite war fears, Hanna underwent a C-section on February 23, 2022. Just minutes after Emilia, Olivia, and Melania were born, news of Russian military entering their region was announced.

Chernihiv, their hometown, faced shelling, prompting the new mother and her premature daughters to seek refuge in a bomb shelter. Struggling with the cold, they were among 20 families in the shelter, where nurses improvised to keep the babies warm.

Despite being healthy, the girls needed more care. Olivia, the smallest, required intensive care. The family endured weeks in the hospital, facing explosions and destruction, until evacuation to Kyiv with the help of volunteers.

An emotional journey continued as Hanna’s father, Anatolii, serving in the Ukrainian army, provided strength through messages. Tragically, he lost his life in January 2023, leaving the family yearning for his return.

Despite the hardships, Hanna and Andriy find love and happiness in their daughters, hoping for an end to the war that has disrupted their lives. Credit to BBC for the source.

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