Victoria and David Beckham recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by recreating photos from their big day in 1999.

They originally got married in a 15th-century Irish castle near Dublin, with a Robin Hood theme. Their reception featured a unique green wedding cake by artist Damien Hirst, cut with a saber, and they sat on baroque thrones.

The couple famously wore matching purple outfits designed by Antonio Berardi, which they now admit were not their best fashion choice.

David even wore a purple top hat, which he later compared to the characters from “Dumb and Dumber.”

Despite their regrets about the outfits, they had fun with fashion at the time. Victoria mentioned in a 2021 interview with Jimmy Fallon that they were naive about fashion back then and just enjoying themselves.

For their 25th anniversary, the Beckhams donned their original purple outfits and took photos in front of their wedding thrones, sharing the images on Instagram.

Fans loved the nostalgic tribute, praising their iconic look. Even after 25 years, the couple is still very much in love.

This story was reported by CNN .

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