VP Kamala Harris just revealed that people from other countries will be landing on the moon with NASA’s Artemis program. This means, by the end of the 2020s, an astronaut from another nation will get to walk on the moon. The US initially said international astronauts would fly around the moon, but now they’re taking the extra step of letting them step onto the lunar surface.

During a meeting in Washington, DC, Harris highlighted the crucial role allies play in the Artemis program. She explained that alongside American astronauts, an international astronaut will touch down on the moon. This move is seen as a way of recognizing the importance of collaboration in space exploration.

Each Artemis moon mission can carry four astronauts, but not all of them will walk on the moon. Two astronauts will descend to the lunar surface, while the other two will orbit the moon in a spacecraft or a small station called Gateway.

The first mission, Artemis II, is set to launch in November 2024, marking the first time humans will orbit the moon since the Apollo program. The crew includes Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen, who praised NASA for choosing to include international partners.

The Artemis III mission, the first to land on the moon, is planned for at least the end of 2025. However, the timeline is uncertain due to NASA closely monitoring the development of a SpaceX vehicle that will serve as the lunar lander.

In simpler terms, this means the US is teaming up with other countries to explore the moon. People from around the world will have a chance to walk on the lunar surface, and this collaboration is seen as a big step in space exploration. CNN provided the information.

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