The US has blocked a UN resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, opting for its own draft proposal urging a temporary ceasefire instead.

Washington argued that the Algerian-proposed resolution could disrupt ongoing negotiations to end the conflict.

The US resolution warns Israel against invading the city of Rafah. While 13 countries supported Algeria’s resolution, the UK abstained from voting.

The US draft resolution calls for a temporary ceasefire and emphasizes the release of hostages and lifting barriers on aid to Gaza.

The Security Council’s decision on the proposed resolution is pending. The situation in Gaza remains dire, with over a million displaced Palestinians seeking shelter in Rafah amid poor living conditions and the risk of an Israeli offensive.

The UN has warned of a potential humanitarian disaster if an offensive occurs. Israel launched its operations in Gaza following an attack by Hamas gunmen, resulting in significant casualties.

The US’s shift to supporting a temporary ceasefire marks a notable change in its approach to the conflict.

The move reflects growing frustration with Israel’s actions and pressure to address civilian casualties. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu remains committed to the offensive, despite international concerns.

The Arab group of nations urges the Security Council to heed the international community’s calls for a ceasefire.

Source: BBC

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