US and UK Signal Possible Military Response After Houthi Attack in Red Sea

The US and UK are considering military action against Yemen’s Houthi rebels following their recent attack on Red Sea shipping.

The Houthi assault, the largest yet, was repelled by carrier-based jets and warships, resulting in the destruction of 21 drones and missiles.

The US and UK, warning of “consequences,” are evaluating potential responses. The Houthis claim to have targeted a US ship supporting Israel, while the allies stress the attacks’ unacceptability.

Concerns rise over the impact on global trade, with 15% of seaborne trade passing through the Red Sea. Almost 20% of container ships are now avoiding the area, affecting supply chains.

The international community, in a joint statement, launched “Operation Prosperity Guardian” to protect Red Sea shipping, emphasizing the threat to global trade and navigation.

Source: BBC News

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