Stress isn’t just a mental burden; it can mess with your skin too. Besides causing burnout and sleep issues, stress can lead to rashes, especially hives. These itchy, raised bumps can pop up when your body temperature rises due to stress or when histamine levels spike.

Identifying a stress rash involves ruling out other culprits like new detergents or diet changes. If all else fails, stress might be the sneaky trigger. Prolonged stress can even escalate into a cycle of never-ending itching, a condition known as neurodermatitis.

So, what does a stress rash look like? Picture red, puffy bumps on your face, neck, chest, or arms. They can range in size and migrate, making them a bit of a moving target. Stress-induced hives can be crazy itchy and sometimes come with swollen eyelids or lips.

The good news is, about 20% of people may experience hives at some point, and they can often be treated with antihistamines like Benadryl. Stress-reduction techniques, such as relaxation and meditation, might also help.

Prevention is the key, though. Try to manage stress through a healthy diet, enough sleep, and some exercise. Quick stress-busting tricks like meditation can be handy too. And remember, it’s okay to seek help if stress starts affecting your health.

Adapted from CNN’s original article.

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