War’s Lingering Impact: Stories from Ukraine’s Frontlines

Nearly two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, journalist Fergal Keane revisits Lviv station, a place that witnessed one of Europe’s largest refugee crises since World War Two.

Through the experiences of two individuals, he explores how the prolonged conflict has shaped the lives of Ukrainians.

At Lviv’s military cemetery, emotions run high as a man in military attire expresses his anger towards the enemy amid rows of graves. The war has become a somber reality for the city, with daily funerals and reminders of loss.

Lviv station, once bustling with refugees fleeing west, now bears the scars of war. The crowds have dispersed, replaced by soldiers and families returning for brief visits.

Among them is Natasha Ambarova, a doctor who now contemplates joining the fight for Ukraine, driven by a desire to protect her children and homeland.

Meanwhile, Volodymyr Moisei, a chaplain and foster parent, brings joy to children living near the frontlines by delivering gifts and support.

Despite the dangers, families like Larysa Shkliar’s refuse to leave their homes, finding solace in moments of celebration amidst the chaos.

As the war enters its third year, Volodymyr strives to create a sense of normalcy for children amidst the turmoil, offering them a glimpse of hope and dreams for the future.

Note: This summary is based on information provided by the BBC.


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