Ukrainians Face Second New Year Amid Intense Russian Attacks: Surviving Aerial Bombardments.

Ukrainians ushered in the new year under heavy Russian airstrikes, enduring air raid alerts and missile strikes across the country. In cities like Kyiv, Odesa, and Kharkiv, residents shared harrowing accounts of a grim start to 2024.

A 15-year-old boy lost his life in Odesa due to drone strikes, while Russian-installed authorities accused Ukrainian forces of shelling Donetsk.

The assault followed previous attacks that left over 40 civilians dead. Despite the danger, some Ukrainians, like Kharkiv native Kateryna Talpa, chose not to spend the new year in underground shelters but instead celebrated in defiance.

President Zelensky promised to bolster domestic weapon production, including a million drones. In contrast, Russian President Putin, in his new year message, made no mention of the war but later pledged to intensify attacks on Ukraine.

The threat varies in Crimea, where residents under Russian occupation risk prosecution for displaying Ukrainian symbols. One resident expressed hope for freedom and peace in 2024, ending with a ‘Happy New Year’ in Ukrainian.

Source: BBC News

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