In a big decision on Wednesday, the top court in the UK rejected the government’s plan to send migrants to Rwanda. This move was seen as breaking promises the UK made in international agreements. The court agreed with an earlier decision that said this plan was against the law. This decision is causing trouble for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose party wanted to send migrants to Rwanda to stop them from coming to the UK in small boats.

Five judges at the highest court backed the earlier decision, saying that sending migrants to Rwanda could lead to them being treated badly. The lower court had already said in June that Rwanda might force asylum seekers and refugees to go back to a place where they could be harmed, which is known as “refoulement.” The judges carefully considered all the information and agreed with the earlier decision.

This setback for Sunak’s Conservative party means they need to come up with a new plan to reduce the number of asylum seekers. Some party members want to leave certain international agreements to have more control over immigration. However, there are differing opinions within the party on how to handle this issue.

In a surprising move, Sunak appointed David Cameron as foreign secretary and shifted James Cleverly to the interior ministry. This shift suggests that Sunak might be slowing down his party’s move towards more conservative views after Brexit.

People who support migrants were pleased with the court’s decision. The Refugee Council sees it as a win for the rights of people who just want to be safe. Sacha Deshmukh, the head of Amnesty International in the UK, called on the government to put an end to this troubling part of the country’s political history.

[Credit to France 24 as the original source]

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