Nevada’s once exciting presidential contest has turned into a confusing mess for Republicans this year. Disputes over how candidates should be chosen have led to separate votes: a primary and caucuses. Trump and Haley, the major candidates, won’t even appear on the same ballot.

The Republican Party opposed changing from caucuses to primaries, so they’re holding caucuses anyway, awarding delegates to the winner.

Trump’s supporters see caucuses as more advantageous. However, this setup could lead to low turnout and confusion among voters.

Each candidate might claim victory, but people won’t get to choose between them. This situation has led to candidates skipping serious campaigning in Nevada.

It’s a far cry from past years when the state played a glamorous and influential role in the presidential race. Now, attention has shifted to South Carolina for the next competition on February 24th.

The once-important Nevada contest is losing its appeal.

[Based on information from BBC News]

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