Trainers Settle the Debate: Is It Better to Work Out on an Empty Stomach? Parade Experts Weigh In.

The age-old question of whether to exercise on an empty stomach or not has finally been addressed by fitness experts. Rebecca Stewart, a certified trainer and Mobility Coach, emphasizes the performance benefits of working out in a fed state.

However, there’s a twist—some trainers argue that if skipping a pre-workout meal works for you and your energy levels remain stable, it might be okay.

The discussion extends to weight and fat loss, with conflicting research suggesting fasting before workouts might have variable effects.

While some studies hint at potential benefits, experts caution that a holistic approach is key. Michelle Ditto of Purre Barre emphasizes that fitness is about more than just fat loss and encourages considering the overall health benefits.

To add a practical touch, Olympian Louise Hazel, CEO of SLAY, shares her pre-workout snack preferences, highlighting the importance of carbohydrates for fuel.

The timing of eating also comes into play, with recommendations to have a snack with carbohydrates and protein before morning workouts and a 30-60 minute gap for snacks between meals and exercise.

In navigating this debate, it’s essential to acknowledge personal preferences and individual responses to pre-workout nutrition.

As we ponder the age-old question, Parade serves as a source for insights and perspectives from fitness experts on this matter.

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